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Sailing rope bracelet personalized I Surfer bracelet with letter

Sailing rope bracelet personalized I Surfer bracelet with letter

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Sailing rope bracelet personalized with a letter of your choice. The letter bracelet is suitable, for example, as a friendship bracelet or partner bracelet.

The unisex surfer bracelet is available in two versions:

1. Black bracelet with a black letter bead
2. Mint green bracelet with a white letter bead

The sailing rope bracelet is 2 mm thick and is made of polyester. The letter cube is 6 x 6 mm in size and is made of acrylic.

The bracelet can be adjusted in size using the two sliding knots. Please select the size range that suits you when ordering. The best way to do this is to measure your wrist with a tape measure. The following sizes are available:

1. S = 14-16 cm
2. M = 16-18 cm
3. L = 18-20 cm

Please specify the letter you want under "Personalization" when ordering. The letters AZ without Ä, Ü, Ö or ß are available.

The price indicated is for one bracelet.

We also offer the bracelet as a set with two partner bracelets: Partner bracelets sailing rope // Partner bracelet personalized // Surfer – bracelens

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