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Personalized name bracelet in white / gold

Personalized name bracelet in white / gold

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Personalized name bracelet with high-quality white jade beads and gold accents. Always carry your loved ones with you with the letter bracelet or give the bracelet as a gift for a birth, birthday or Christmas, for example.

The letter beads are approx. 7 mm in size. The jade beads are approx. 4 mm in size. The small gold beads are 3 mm / 4 mm in size and are made of gold-plated 925 sterling silver.

The bracelet is mounted on an elastic band and does not have a clasp.

The text on the bracelet can be freely chosen. The letters A - Z without ß, ä, ü, ö or special characters are available.

It is best to measure your wrist with a tape measure to determine the optimal size.

To ensure that you can enjoy your jewelry for a long time, you should take it off when exercising, showering, sleeping, etc. The jewelry should be protected from sweat, creams, perfumes, etc. and should not be stored in the bathroom.
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