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Bracelet set for mother & baby: gift for birth

Bracelet set for mother & baby: gift for birth

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Size Mama Bracelet

Personalized bracelet set for mother and baby in marble look. The mother child bracelets are the ideal gift for a birth or Mother's Day. The set consists of two bracelets:

1. Bracelet Mom: A bracelet with the desired name and a "baby feet" pendant. Please select the size of the bracelet when ordering under bracelet length. The beads and pendant are available in rose gold and silver. Please select the desired color when ordering.

2. Baby bracelet: A bracelet with the name of your choice. For your baby's safety, this bracelet does not contain any metal beads or pendants. The standard size for newborns is 10 centimeters. If the bracelet is not for a newborn, please state the age or wrist circumference when ordering.

Material: Jade beads in marble look (approx. 6 mm), acrylic letter beads (approx. 7 mm), small metal beads (nickel-free) (approx. 3 mm), metal pendant (nickel-free) (approx. 11 mm).

The bracelets are strung on an elastic band and do not have a clasp.

The letters AZ (no Ä, Ö, Ü, ß) are available. Please specify the desired name/text when ordering.
To make the word easy to read, you should choose a word with a maximum of 10 letters. Longer words are of course possible if you wish.

You can also find the bracelets for mother and baby individually in my shop.

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